Our Mission

Neighbor’s Keeper exists to provide programs and direct services to native born and immigrant peoples enabling them to transform their lives given access to health and financial opportunities through community engagement.

“Good health is a right, not a privilege in a healthy community where civic engagement builds a Culture of Health by developing the knowledge and skills to improve quality of life.”

Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.

Our Engagement Priorities

Neighbor’s Keeper believes in helping people make a life for themselves by providing access to the resources that will enable them to improve their quality of life in matters of health, financial and social well-being in collaboration with education, public, private and nonprofit partners.

Access to Healthcare

Healthcare is a system that takes control of our wallets if we let it happen. Lack of price transparency, high deductible health plans and health disparities among those living in the same communities. Neighbor’s Keeper supports the “triple Aim” comprised of three dimensions: Improving the patient experience of care, Improving the health of populations, and Reducing the per capital cost of health care.

Access to Credit

At least 45 million Americans don’t have credit history. As a result, these consumers struggle to get affordable bank loans to buy a home, send a child to college, to start or expand a small business. Neighbor’s Keeper believes social lending is a viable means of establishing savings and credit opportunities among those with little or no credit history and who do not have bank accounts.

Access to Employment

Neighbor’s Keeper works to put people to work to advance their human potential by seeking self-sufficiency through employment. Employment that enables them to earn a fair wage with a steady income. Working with public and private partners, Neighbor’s Keeper strives to bring economic advancement to the unemployed and underemployed thus contributing to community transformation through upward mobility.

Access to Power

Neighbor’s Keeper is committed to revitalize democratic practice in the United States We work to get citizens registered to vote and apply for absentee ballots when needed. We want to improve participation at every level of government and engage citizens across the political spectrum in a non-partisan manner.